• Doctors Critical Data Update Drive 1440H.
  • Baad Salaam,

    It has been 15 years since the formation of the Idara in 2003/1424H. We then collected the Mumineen doctor’s credentials from each Jamiat and registered the doctors with us, and based on these credentials, we launched a Dawoodi Bohra Doctor’s Directory in the year 2012/1432H. Similarly; the online version of this directory was launched in 2013/1433H. Efforts were put to make sure that the credentials of all respected doctors are accurate until the day the directory was launched. 

    Now it has been a long time since our credentials are not updated or verified with the Idara’s records. It is for this reason; we have launched the Doctor’s Critical Data Update drive to help our respected doctors to update their profile information. 

    To successfully plan and execute these efforts, Idara relies on the accuracy of our credentials. Hence, it is very important that our profiles are kept up to date with the Idara. We request you to please take a few minutes of your time in updating your credentials on and help ensure the success of this drive. 

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  • Update - Idara Contact Details
  • New Contact Details of Burhani Medical Idara:

    • * Contact No.(1): +91 22 2262 3098
    • * Contact No.(2): +91 22 4002 6107
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  • BMI Tag Updated on ITS Profile Page
  • We are glad to inform you that the BMI tag has been updated on all doctor's ITS profile page. To view the tag please log-in to using your ITS Id and password, Click on "My Details" and then click on "Profile" tab.
    On the "Profile" page - scroll down to bottom to view the BMI Tag.
    for any update pls contact BMI at

  • Registration for Medical Personnel !
  • All Mumineen who are in Medical Profession such as Doctor, Medical Students or Paramedic are requested to register themselves under BURHANI MEDICAL IDARA website.
    For New Registration login with your ITS ID and hover your mouse / pointer device on the "Registration" link at the top  of this page and select "New Registration" from the drop down menu.
    Start filling the online form by selecting your type. Fill all the questions asked and upload your degrees.
    Mumineen already registered with BMI may please verify and update there Data.
    please log on to
  • Online Mumineen Doctors Directory
  • To ease the search of any Mumin Doctor who are registred with the Idara across the world, BMI has developed a unique "Online Mumineen Doctor's Directory. By which any mumin, doctors, ummal kiram can easily search all the doctors through this section.
    - Visit,
    - Login using your ITS ID and password,
    - Click on the "Doctor's Directory" link on the top and start searching your desired doctor,
    - Search Name wise, Jamiat wise, Jamaat wise etc.

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